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Boxes, Packing Tape and Bubble Wrap

We are the number one place in Brighton to order all your packing supplies and get them delivered fast. We can’t be beaten on quality or price and our reputation for outstanding customer service is well known in the Brighton area.

Our boxes are sturdy and built to stand up to the demands of moving day, so you’ll have complete peace of mind when it comes to loading them up.

Brighton Boxes - for all your moving day supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape
We accept orders over the phone, or via our online store, where you’ll find a complete range of moving day supplies, including boxes, tape, packing paper and bubble wrap.

Visit for fast delivery and special offers on moving day packs.

Plastic Moving Crates For Hire

Our rentable, plastic moving crates can save you money, space and time.

Whether you’re moving the contents of a small flat or a large office, crates offer the perfect solution. Personal objects, household items, file folders, computers and even IT servers are all safely and easily moved using our strong packing crates.

  • Space saving – Plastic crates are easier to maneuver. All crates are easily stackable and have handles to make carrying easier
  • Cost effective – Hiring crates costs less than buying boxes
  • Time saving – Our lidded packing crates can be quickly filled and closed. No need to spend time building and taping them up!
  • Hygienic – unlike cardboard boxes, crates can be easily washed and cleaned
  • Strong – crates better protect your items as they can withstand the elements and can take more weight than a standard cardboard box
  • Convenient – we can deliver and collect your crates at a time convenient to you. No need to store them when you are not using them
  • Environmentally friendly – more so than cardboard boxes (over their lifetime), because they’re reusable and fully recyclable

When you place your order, don’t forget to let us know if you need bubble wrap, packing paper and tape, so that we can deliver them with your crates.

Price for crate hire locally: £1 per crate per week, with a £10 delivery & pickup charge.

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