16th June 2017- Moving made easy – PACKING

Whether you are packing up a large house or a small flat, here’s a few tips to make the process as stress free as possible from start to finish.

1.Use boxes wisely

It makes sense to pack large or fragile items together but not if they are destined for different areas of your home. Assign a set of boxes for each room of the house, then start grouping items by type. For instance, your CD collection or kids bed linens. Label each box with the room and its contents, that way there will be zero confusion about where these items belong. Find a range of packing materials at www.brighton-boxes.co.uk

2. Pack a ‘first night’ box

It is no fun hunting for a knives and forks or your child’s favourite teddy on your first night in your new home. Give yourself some breathing space by packing a  “first night box”. Include some of your essentials – cutlery, wine glasses, tooth brush, child’s teddy. Whatever you think you might need on that first night so you can leave most of the unpacking till morning.

3. Get the Essentials

No one enjoys running to the shops to pick up loo roll or bin bags when you are surrounded by boxes.  Buy everything you will need for cleaning and organising ahead of time. Pack everything in one well labeled box or have it delivered to your new address. That way you can get on with what needs to be done without any hassle.

4. Keep your utilities info handy and pre-pay your bills

Make sure you keep all your utilities info to hand. The first things most customers want to set up in their new home is their internet and telephone so make sure you have all this info handy. It can also be useful to pay any bills ahead of time so if you are without your internet for a few days and unable to access your banking it won’t matter.

Finally, write a to do list. Writing down goals helps you to stay focused, and checking them off helps give you a sense of achievement.

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