23rd August 2017 – Moving in the rain :(

The beautiful British summer is here and so obviously we are discussing moving home in bad weather!!

Everyone hopes for a sunny day for your Brighton removals but should the inevitable happen and the heavens open on your moving day, try not to worry! Moving home in bad weather doesn’t have to be a nightmare, follow these tips to protect your belongings (and your sanity).

Cardboard removals boxes are tough!

While the onset of rain may have you worrying about soggy cardboard, cardboard boxes are actually more durable than they look. As long as your boxes are sealed with packing tape, everything inside should survive the move snug and dry, however, any loose items like the clothes you planned to leave on hangers or the mattress you planned to leave unwrapped may not survive the elements so well.

Pack for moving in bad weather

Being by the sea Brighton removals often incur the wind and rain. Packaging companies sell mattress cover and wardrobe boxes to help you move in the bad weather. But if you can’t buy them in time, or have been caught unaware, ask your removals company if they have any you can borrow or you can try making your own.

  • Put a large size bin bag around groups of clothes on hangers to keep off the rain
  • Use heavy sheets or blankets to protect larger furniture
  • Wrap artwork in bags or cardboard to prevent rain (or snow) getting into the gaps of the frames.

Prepare your house

Prep your home by putting blankets or towels at both sides of the front door to help stop mud and water tracking through onto your floors.

At your new property get the heating on as soon as you can. Turn up the heat so you can start drying everything out as soon as you arrive.

If you have a few hands to help – set up an assembly line. That way 1 person can stay indoors and have boxes passed to them/pass them out to someone – saving your floors and speeding up the move of contents into your property.

I hope this gives you a few idea’s for your Brighton removals. Fingers crossed for sun but should the heavens open and the hurricanes blow on your removals day you can now be prepared!

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