31st July 2017 – Moving made easy – UNPACKING

Purge once then purge again

Moving is the best time to have a clear out, so purge after the move as well as before. Resist the urge to just hide things away in drawers and cupboards. Use unpacking as a chance to re-evaluate your belongings as you find the right spot for them and get rid of any items you don’t have space for. Having a huge clear out or have some large items to dispose of? Ask us about our household clearance rates.

Pre-order the essentials

No one enjoys running to the shops to pick up loo roll or bin bags when you are surrounded by boxes.  Buy everything you will need for cleaning and organising ahead of time. Have it all packed in one well labeled box or get it delivered to your new address. That way you can get on with what needs to be done without any hassle.

Schedule breaks

It might seem unproductive but stopping to eat, going for a stroll around the block and going to bed at a sociable hour will keep you calm and energised.

Set up key areas

Prioritise the areas that you will need first to keep you and the family comfortable. First up, put on the bed linens, stock the bathroom with supplies and get the kitchen ready for use.

Return your boxes

Smooth Mover Removals will always be happy to come and collect your removals boxes after your move. Flat pack them and give us a call on 07974 108156, getting them all picked up in one go will clear you some valuable space. Smooth Mover Removals aim to re-use boxes where possible and anything that can’t be used we always recycle.

Have some fun 🙂

Whether you have kids or not, try to have some fun. Got any removals boxes left over? Take a look at our ideas of how you can re-use them.

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